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EA Principals is the Leading Authority in Enterprise Architecture Certification and Professional Services offering TOGAF®, ArchiMate®, IT4IT™, FEA, FEAF, DODAF training both publicly and on-site at your facility. We can custom tailor curriculum to meet your specific needs. Call us today!


Attendee from a data storage technology company

"The instructor is great and this is a very worthwhile course. The skills gained during this course would tremendously help me do my job more effectively and to better understand my customer’s architecture and to provide them with better solutions."

Attendee from a major global telecommunications services/solutions company

"My biggest concern prior to the training was the usefulness or applicability of TOGAF, because many training courses and frameworks instill a good feeling, but afterwards applying the ideas turns out to be very difficult.

During the first day of the training I realized that TOGAF is not read more...


"I had no idea about TOGAF 9 when I first came to the class. Now I am walking out with a good understanding of how it can be implemented. Steve’s experience in both EA and teaching made a great difference!"


"The course was interesting and the instructor was really good.   Her knowledge in the field made the training sessions more interactive and interesting too."


How to use tools to establish a pragmatic and effective Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) Program

According to the MID EA modeling and consulting company in Germany and Switzerland (MID.de), there is a big trend among large companies globally to take Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) more seriously and to be able to understand their own “digital backbone” better. As speed increases...

Emergent Enterprise Architecture

The Traditional Representation of EA as Static Framework Models In developing an Enterprise Architecture, practitioners use both textual and graphical representations that comprise an integrated set of composite models that are normally presented in one of the major EA tools.  Once the...

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