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EA Principals is the Leading Authority in Enterprise Architecture Certification and Professional Services offering TOGAF®, ArchiMate®, IT4IT™, FEA, FEAF, DODAF training both publicly and on-site at your facility. We can custom tailor curriculum to meet your specific needs. Call us today!



"I had no idea about TOGAF 9 when I first came to the class. Now I am walking out with a good understanding of how it can be implemented. Steve’s experience in both EA and teaching made a great difference!"

Attendee from a major global telecommunications services/solutions company

"My biggest concern prior to the training was the usefulness or applicability of TOGAF, because many training courses and frameworks instill a good feeling, but afterwards applying the ideas turns out to be very difficult.

During the first day of the training I realized that TOGAF is not read more...


"I am very pleased with the robust and useful review of TOGAF. Dr. Else is a great guy. Keep doing what you are doing!"

Mathis, Dave

"Good mix of lecture, group and individual exercises."


Covid-19 Goals in Tension

Enterprise Architecture could add a lot of value if used within the Coronavirus Pandemic Task  Force at the Federal Levels and in State Governments. However, it must be integrated immediately with expert practitioners adept at the following: modeling,...

Practical, Problem-Solving Architecture (EA Becomes PPSA)

Much pushback from Enterprise Architecture (EA) over the past 15 years or so is that it is too much overhead and not practical enough. For example, let’s take the current Coronavirus Pandemic. A legacy approach, often still used predominantly, would involve setting...

Achieving Clarity by using SCOPE

A key challenge in enterprise architecture is achieving clarity among the stakeholders regarding what constitutes the enterprise, what the operational scope of the enterprise is to be, as well as how comprehensive and broadly applicable the enterprise architecture...


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