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EA Principals is the Leading Authority in Enterprise Architecture Certification and Professional Services offering TOGAF®, ArchiMate®, IT4IT™, FEA, FEAF, DODAF training both publicly and on-site at your facility. We can custom tailor curriculum to meet your specific needs. Our TOGAF®, ArchiMate®, and Applied Business Architecture courses are accredited by The Open Group. Call us today!



Attendee from a major health insurance company

"Dr. Else ‘s personal experience was extremely helpful. His real life anecdotes helped me understand how TOGAF 9 could be used to solve challenges that are present in this organization."


"I am very pleased with the robust and useful review of TOGAF. Dr. Else is a great guy. Keep doing what you are doing!"

Student from Atlanta, GA

"Tons of materials and simplified the complex topics"

Angela Tarango, Student in Healthcare Agile Business Architecture

Learning is something I always strive for in life. I am so grateful to have taken this amazing 3 day agile business architect course presented by  read more...


Noise and Bias in Architecture Decision Making

A recent book written by the Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman and his colleagues is titled "NOISE: A Flaw in Human Judgment". When I read it, it triggered thoughts about my past experiences doing big technology migrations in telecom and banking sectors when...

EA Principals a Long-Term Center of Excellence Supporting Architecture Practices

Every three to four years finds me on the phone with EA Principal arranging another TOGAF or ArchiMate training course for my staff.  Inevitably, I am working at a new company helping to build an architecture program supporting digital transformation. ...

Message of the Month: Accelerate your EA Knowledge, Skills, and Capabilities to Meet Surging Demand

Given the increasing complexity of business models and disruptive technologies to enable and modify them, the demand for Enterprise Architects is very high. However, the supply of highly skilled and experienced Enterprise Architects is small in comparison (based on...


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