Hands on real world experience paired with expert knowledge of their domains.

Each of our instructors has extensive experience practicing as an architect and is suitably certified to teach their courses.

EA Principals - Dr. Steve Else

Dr. Steve Else, Ph.D. - FEA Certification Instructor

EA Principals - Dr. Kevin Kreitman

Dr. Kevin Kreitman

EA Principals - Iver Band

Iver Band

EA Principals - Maxim Nagornov

Maxim Nagornov

EA Principals - Angel Romero Jr.

Angel M. Romero, Jr

EA Principals - Michael J. Novak

Michael J. Novak

EA Principals - Hugo Urrestarazu

Hugo Urrestarazu

EA Principals - Rodrigo Caballero

Rodrigo Caballero

EA Principals - David G Ullman Ph.D

Dr.David G. Ullman, Ph.D.

Todd Schneider

Dr. Todd J. Schneider

Murali Dharan

Murali Dharan

Christine Robinson

Christine Robinson