EA Principals’ CEO, Dr. Steve Else, has been working with the University of Denver, University College, to help establish the first ever graduate certificate in Enterprise & Solution Architecture. This certificate can be earned by successfully passing 4 graduate classes on Enterprise & Solution Architecture. These include core 3 classes: Enterprise Architecture (EA) Frameworks, Enterprise

Cyber security or the lack thereof, has topped the agenda, in many surveys, from Government leaders to CEOs to CIOs to humble IT user. It is often treated as a technology issue or an IT problem but its recognition as a corporate issue and associated responsibility goes all the way to the top. Often, it

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By late April, 2016, The Open Group will have announced the Accreditation Partners that will deliver the  IT4IT™ Foundation training. EA Principals Inc. is expected to be on the top of the list, with value added materials and experts lined up to deliver this critical knowledge, starting in May, 2016. Watch this space! If you

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IT4IT™ Reference Architecture Certification is seen as critical to the future of IT. In October, 2015, The Open Group released the IT4IT™ Reference Architecture, Version 2.0, a value chain based operating model for managing the business of IT.  The IT4IT™ Reference Architecture defines the IT management Framework focusing on the Life-cycle of Services for running IT as

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Coming Soon! Integrated EA: Customer Solution Architecture Methodology (CSAM) a book by Steve Else, Ph.D., PMP Over the past several decades, a number of symptoms have been identified in organizational performance. These symptoms, and others, are particularly evident in the Information Technology (IT) industry and the IT architecture discipline. Various solutions to these symptoms have

8 Steps to Agile Mindset

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“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking that created them”- Albert Einstein. With the convergence and connectedness of technology (nexus of forces) and rapid changes in business, the corporate digital assets and related revenues are growing faster than physical assets and related revenues! In one estimate, we will see 50 Billions

In the context of today’s work environments time and money are tight. In IT management and Enterprise Architecture roles, advanced training is now essential. Certification can often qualify valued employees for more critical roles within an organization. Organizations enjoy positive outcomes from professional training and often budget to the development of their people. Although budgets

The Nexus of Forces: SMAC-IoT

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According to Gartner, 90% of total technology spending will come from outside the IT department, by the end of the decade! Why? Because, the digitization of company’s services and revenue focus will shift the priority to business. Think of CEOs and CMOs as champions and sponsors of technology driven business change. Gartner says that ‘the

CIO, the Transformational Leader

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The disruptive forces of SMAC-IoT and the new data insights continue to present opportunities and challenges for all businesses and industries. Customer preferences, thereby experiences and expectations of business services are changing at an unprecedented pace. New competitors and challengers are evolving rapidly, altering existing market dynamics or creating new markets.  This will only accelerate

EA Principals offers the Enterprise & Solution Architecture (E&SA) Certification course as the Exclusive Trainer of the Avancier Method. EAP Enterprise & Solution Architecture (E&SA) Certification  (Avancier Method) is what architects have been looking for.  It focuses on the architect roles and products.  It is designed for those: In or approaching a role as a

Caution: Digital Disruption in progress! There is not a single company or industry that has not been impacted by the phenomenal changes that we see with the experiences of new digital technologies in our lives. Managers at all levels are also challenged by the Digital Transformation…so what is it?  Is that a shift in Technology,

What is Open Platform 3.0™?

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What future platform capabilities would drive enterprises, build business ecosystems, and deliver value in the digital economy? The Open Group ( reports that there is a recognized convergence of technologies by industry analysts and practitioners creating the opportunity for a new federated architecture model. Gartner identified this as a ‘Nexus of Forces’, while IDC is