Caution: Digital Disruption in progress! There is not a single company or industry that has not been impacted by the phenomenal changes that we see with the experiences of new digital technologies in our lives. Managers at all levels are also challenged by the Digital Transformation…so what is it?  Is that a shift in Technology,

What is Open Platform 3.0™?

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What future platform capabilities would drive enterprises, build business ecosystems, and deliver value in the digital economy? The Open Group ( reports that there is a recognized convergence of technologies by industry analysts and practitioners creating the opportunity for a new federated architecture model. Gartner identified this as a ‘Nexus of Forces’, while IDC is

EA Principals has recently surpassed the 5000 student mark in its Enterprise Architecture training and education courses, not counting e-learning, so this has been an unrelenting commitment to continuous training for 10 years. Recent testimonials have been fantastic. During 2015, EA Principals have addressed a huge resurgence of interest in Enterprise Architecture, especially in gaining knowledge on how

Starting in January 2016, EA Principals will roll out the most comprehensive, vendor-neutral, Enterprise & Solution Architecture course in the world. EA Principals is the exclusive trainer of the Avancier Method, which is linked to, but goes beyond, the Enterprise & Solution Architecture certification course on the BCS Professional Services E&SA Reference Model. Much of the high-level material can

Due to popular demand, EA Principals is offering specialized TOGAF certification courses for Financial Services, Healthcare, and Government, all with emphasis on the following themes: Internet of Things (Iot), Mobility, Big Data Analytics, Cybersecurity, and overall Digital Transformation via Vanguard Architecture. For the government option, multiple frameworks will be introduced besides TOGAF, such as the Federal Enterprise Architect (FEA)

Mr. Murali Dharan, COO and EA/TOGAF Consultant/Instructor, EA Principals Inc. When I teach business strategy for emerging MBAs or Enterprise Architecture for IT professionals, I’m acutely aware of the chasm they need to cross, from a technical to a business mindset. Sometimes it is a paradigm shift in thinking — from a logical, detailed, structured

Recently, The Open Group released IT4IT Reference Architecture, Version2.0, a value chain based operating model for managing the business of IT. It creates a model of various functions that IT needs to perform to help business (organizations), thus identifying the key activities that contribute to business competitiveness and high value. IT4IT defines the IT management Framework focussing on

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TOGAF Level 1 Sample Test

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Here’s a sample test to give you a flavour of TOGAF Certification, there are 40 such questions to get you to Level 1 Certification. Level 2 Tests are more practical questions based on Business Scenarios. 1..What is Architecture in the Context of TOGAF?   The fundamental organization of a system, embodied in its components, their

After completing one of the most successful defense shipbuilding projects in world history in 2007,  the Australian naval shipbuilding industry faces a major crisis. On 25 November 2014, the now ex Australian Defence minister David Johnston claimed that Australian shipbuilders “couldn’t build a canoe” and the present government still seems determined to send all naval

This MindMap provides an Integrated view of TOGAF ADM “DATA”. TOGAF stands for The Open Group Architecture Framework. ADM is the acronym for TOGAF’s Architecture Development Method. “DATA” stands for Deliverables, Artifacts, Techniques, and Approaches. It is a unique view that brings all of this information together in one visual.

During every stage of the design process, designers trade off performance, cost, and risk in an evolutionary process whose goal is to find a satisfactory solution. This paper explores a recent method to manage the trade study process especially when uncertainty is pervasive and decisions are a mix of quantitative and qualitative information. We believe

The Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) is a process that has been adopted by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and the Department of Defense (DoD) to ensure that multiple alternatives have been analyzed prior to making investment decisions. It is an assessment approach to evaluate potential solution sets (material, organizational, structural, or ideological) to