Hugo Urrestarazu

Hugo Urrestarazu_8Hugo Urrestarazu was a teacher-researcher in nuclear and solid state physics at the Universidad de Chile and conducted postgraduate Ph.D. research on semiconductors at Imperial College in England. He possesses 13 years of industrial experience in design and development of embedded real time operating systems and object oriented design and programming at Alcatel in France. He also worked as a consulting Personal Computer Systems Engineer in Central America. Back in 1972 he attended Biology of Cognition lectures at the Facultad de Ciencias in Chile and since then got involved in independent research in Cognitive Sciences and particularly in Knowledge Management epistemological issues.

Since 1990, he has been involved in independent interdisciplinary scientific extension activities concerning the theory of Autopoietic Systems. In 2003 he obtained a Master in Applied Foreign Languages at the University of Toulouse, France and ever since he became an expert in Techniques of Technical Translation by working as a freelance linguistic consultant in France (English, French and Spanish).


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